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Study of commensal microbiota from a biomedical standpoint
  • Commensal microbiota have drawn recent attention because of their regulation of multiple aspects of human physiology. commensal microbiota help their hosts by digesting plant-based food, producing essential vitamins, and forming a competitive barrier against pathogenic microbes. In addition, commensal microbiota promote the full development of mucosal tissues, particularly the development of the gastrointestinal tract.
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Study of commensal microbiota from a biomedical standpoint


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  • Most human diseases in the past have originated from infection by a bacteria or viruses. Such diseases are no longer a serious threat to humanity thanks to the development of vaccines, antimicrobial drugs and improved hygiene. Despite these advances, humankind today is burdened with a new dimension of chronic diseases of the immune system, such as autoimmunity, allergies, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and cancer.